Auto-publish plugin compatibility issue with 2.4

I am posting this here to help others who might be having the same problem as I wasn’t getting any results when searching for the error message.

When adding a new page in the panel the modal would appear, I would fill it in, but when i pressed return or clicked the Add button a Javascript alert would appear with the following error:

Call to a member function bindTo() on string in file: /Users/sam/development/balham/kirby/kirby.php on line: 768

Eventually I narrowed down the source of the problem to the auto publish plugin.

Big thanks to @oliverschneider who patched it and submitted a pull request. Though the plugin repo has not seen much love for a while so it might not make it to a release. But you can get the patch from @oliverschneider’s repo if it is a plugin you use.

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This is actually a bug in Kirby that has already been fixed on the develop branch for 2.4.1. :slight_smile: