Auto-posting to Social Media

Is there way to have my content created with Kirby automatically post to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)? I hate doing comparisons, but something like The social media integration plug-in with Jetpack for Wordpress. (Here is a Link)


It would be tricky without having the API connections for each inside a plugin, which would be a nightmare to maintain. It would probably be easier to use the API for a service like Buffer or Hootsuite. I suspect that Jetpack plugin is probably doing something similar under the hood.

My Twitter plugin has auto posting on its roadmap, just for twitter. (you can technically already do it through code in a template, there just isnt a finished panel interface for it yet)

However, it sounds to me like you want to post to multiple networks at once?

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In addition to what @jimbobrjames already said, given that the Instagram, Facebook etc. APIs change so often, going through a third party service it definitely the better option.

I also hate doing comparisons, but Jetpack also does fun stuff like this: jetpack/projects/packages/heartbeat at master · Automattic/jetpack · GitHub


:100: on what is said above.

Just in case you want to dig reaaaaally deep into this topic: this is referred to as POSSE (“Post on Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere”) by the Indieweb community, excessively documented for all kind of possible and impossible setups on the wiki …which again can be summarized to: these things are a pain to build and maintain.

That said, POSSE to Twitter is actually rather straightforward and has been stable for years; @jimbobrjames’ plugin roadmap sounds very intriguing. :eyes:

I have a working custom field for it already that allows posting of plain text to Twitter, which does work, but needs more polish and doesn’t handle the posting of images and video yet. There is also no way yet to prevent accidentally double posting the same thing at a later date. Once i have got over those hurdles, I will release it. If anyone wants to help out, feel free to PR the repo GitHub - HashandSalt/kirby3-twitter: A Twitter plugin forKirby

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I used to take care of this with a read-only toggle field.
Years ago I was doing auto tweet on my, I can dig up my old code if it can be helpful.

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We really screwed it up by allowing social networks to be proprietary.

Feature request i get most often - post/sync calendar events to facebook

Of course Facebook Events automation forbidden by TOS and strictly regulated. So it’s not only that the API is changing… api is not there at all. On purpose.

I would say it’s always going to be uphill battle. I wouldn’t bother. Only thing that would change that is if that laws changed and required public social networks to have open API access.

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Thanks for the quick response! I am actually looking at posting to one social media. And, yes, I understand the requirements would be rough, I was just seeing if something existed and was maintained. (Agree that it would be a nightmare!)

100% Agree! and this is why I will not use Jetpack! EVER.

Thank you for all of the awesome responses! Because of all of the requirements and the ever changing APIs; it might actually be easier to just share the posts manually myself. I agree with everyone here or multiple topics; the shadiness of sharing data without consent; the TOS, and this need to share everything on social media… Very interesting support, but very helpful.

“Manual 'til it hurts”: