Are there any place to download language files?

Hi, pardon my ignorance. I am looking for a link to download kirby language files, which I swear I saw somewhere in the documentaries or maybe in the github repo but can’t find it again anywhere. Or am I imagining things and there are no such things?

Even so, if there are no repo for language files do you usually create your own language files? as it would be like building a whole dictionary right?

additional info, I’m about to try a multi-language site with kirby and the main idea is to auto translate the content. And I’m looking for Indonesian language file.

Kirby use language file only in Panel. You should create own language file self for frontend (/site/languages/).

Languages Doc:

Panel Languages:

Thank you, I wasn’t really understand the kirby multi-language docs, but your answer confirms my language barrier.

Or, if you want to build a multi-language site, goto,
download “langkit”,
then update the kirby folder and the panel folder like
Now follow

Good luck!

Yes, I’ve tried the langkit. Just saw it in the git after I posted this (doh, should have been more observant)

thank you for the help :slightly_smiling: