Anyway to mix kirby with jekyll/static site?

Hi everyone!

I’ve an static site created (with jekyll) for a client who asked me now if i can add a section for news with admin panel included. So i thought maybe jekyll is the best tool for this part.

But this is the first time I’m mixing static with “dynamic” pages and i’m not sure how should i mix them.

Should create a subfolder named news in my website and install there kirby?
Should i put all my html files in the general folder of kirby?

What’s the better way to proceed?

Thank you very much!

I’d put Kirby in a subfolder and then link to this subfolder from the static site.

Please note that you will have to sync the navigation between the static and the dynamic part. So the Jekyll site will have to include the news page and the Kirby site will have to include every static page.

If that’s feasible for you, the best way would be to convert the Jekyll site to Kirby code so that everything runs on one system. If the rest of the site is truly static and will never change, you can store the generated HTML from the static site in the content files and just output that in the Kirby templates. You don’t have to use structured content using multiple fields and Markdown if that’s not required (although that would be way more elegant).

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What do you mean with “output that in the Kirby templates”? Can i include an entirely HTML file inside a template?

Not into the templates, but into the content text files. You could just put all the content from your html files (without the header, footer, etc. stuff) into the content files, with all the html tags and then simply echo the content in your templates.

Edit: But as @lukasbestle already said, if your client is willing to pay for it, it would be ideal to set up everything in Kirby; i.e. even extract the content from the HTML files and put that into the content files in a structured way.

I will try it. Thank you both!