Any way to have identations in content files?

Hello everyone,

is there any way to have the content files (txt) generated by kirby’s panel with structures, blocks, etc… with indentations as json could do ?

Thanks a lot !


Hey, I must admit I don’t understand your question. Could you please elaborate?

Probably you mean this: CSS text-indent property?

afaik you can overwrite what format and file extensio kirby stores its content. so you could use json files instead of kirbys default txt files.

@bnomei Seems to have a begininng of answer.

My question was : is it possible to format automatically the content txt files as something like :

Blocks: [{
    "content": {
        {"headline":"Valider votre choix",
        "text":"Lorem" }

instead of (wich seems default behavior) :

Blocks: [{"content": {"headline":"Lorem", "text":"Ipsum", "image":["equipe.svg"]}, "id":"7c03e4c3-ce48-489e-a140-f270962893f1", "isHidden":false, "type":"step"}, {"content": {"headline":"Valider votre choix", "text":"Lorem" }}}}]

Thanks a ot for your time,

You can set the pretty option to true: Blocks | Kirby CMS

Thanks a lot ! I missed that option !