Allow manual sorting pages section without position picker

Hi there,

I am trying to create a pages section that on the one hand allows me to avoid the position picker on publishing a page, and on the other hand still allows manual sorting via drag and drop, once they are listed in the panel.

Sort of like the files in the files section. New files automatically get added to the end of the list and then I can sort them to the desired destination via dragging.

Is there a way to achieve the same thing in a pages section?


There is no setting that I’m aware of and it doesn’t apply only to the section, but also when you change the status while on the page. The next number in asc order is always preselected, so you could theoretically just ignore the field and confirm the preselection.

Maybe just hide the position picker in the dialog via custom CSS?

That’s a good idea. I would just like to have this out of the way for the non-tech savvy editors.
I will see if I manage to target the CSS and if not, will ask here again.

Generally, would this be suitable for a feature request? Or is this more suited for a plugin?


Sure, why not?

Although I wonder how easy it would be to just overwrite the dialog (guess it should be similar to how the custom add fields plugin overwrites the create page dialog).

Should be easy unless you want to limit this to particular page types.

.k-field-name-position {
  display: none;
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