Ajaxify Bastian's Calendar?


I’m working with @bastianallgeier 's calendar plugin :

And I’m wondering if someone has use Ajax or maybe Json with it.

I never used these ones before but I want to dynamically change the months inside the calendar without have a page refresh.

There is two arrows for the previous and the next month and they return this :
/?year=2017&month=1 in the url.

So if one of you have done this before or have an idea for doing it, I will be very thankful if you share it !


I don’t have an out of the box solution, because I haven’t played with the calendar plugin myself yet. But that would make a nice tutorial :slight_smile:

Yes, If I find a solution I will share, but for now I don’t have a clue !

I’d set up a json content representation, and from there, it should be more or less the same as with all the other Ajax loading solutions. Have a look at the cookbook for a starting point.

I don’t know if it helps but Calendar Board: https://github.com/molocLab/kirby-calendar-board by @molocLab is using this class.

Yes, but calendar board is mainly a panel field, that helps with organizing calendar entries but not loading content via Ajax calls.