Admin Panel: Why did you stick with JQuery instead of completing the AngularJS conversion?

Hey @bastianallgeier,

If I’m not mistaken, and correct me if I’m wrong, a long long time ago in a galaxy not so far away you had attempted to convert the admin panel to AngularJS instead of JQuery, but then later reversed that decision and decided to remain with JQuery.

I’m wondering why you made that decision? Were there limitations you ran into with AngularJS or was it just easier to get 2.0 out with a more familiar toolkit?

While this post is pretty old, it explains the mindset at that time:

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@texnixe, thank you for that. So it appears it was less about limitation of the framework as it was about KISS. That’s good to know. I was demoing an angularjs application I wrote for barcode scanning utilities and general warehouse management. He loved how slick, fast and clean it all was and asked if I were to redo our existing framework from the ground up would I do it in AngularJS… I had to refrain from answering completely at the time.

I agree with keeping it simple, which is part of what I love about AngularJS. The learning curve is a little steep at times, but it leaves little to be desired in terms of creating reusable components and proper MVC separation (imho).

PS. It’s an private/internally created CMS mostly used for clients in the medical/drug rehab type/telecommunications industries that he’s built over many years. Nothing Kirby will ever have to worry about competing with on an open market. :wink:

If it was closer in nature I would have been pushing us to build it into a custom kirby boilerplate… because I miss the days of playing with Kirby almost every day.