Adjusting columns breakpoint and possibly the order


can the columns breakpoint be adjusted?

We have defined two columns blueprint and the columns are breaking down at <1040px which we’d love to change, since it is too large for our taste.

If the breakpoint can be adjusted, can possibly the order of columns under the given breakpoint be changed too?
i.e. right column should appear at the top instead of bottom

Thank you in advance

Kind regards

You can change the look and feel of the Panel with a custom stylesheet.

Thanks for the tip!

Was hoping that, there is some css var e.g. --columns-breakpoint-md and/or maybe a class which would help me with customizing the panel. e.g. col-md-12 or dataset e.g. data-breakpoint="768"

Reverse engineering the css seem a little overkill for the moment, but will look at it for sure if there is no other way.