Adding nameless bleuprint gaps

Is there a way to add ‘gaps’ (fields with type ‘gap’) without having to name them all?
I don’t have the creativity to come up with so many different names :stuck_out_tongue: , besides it makes the bleuprint a lot less readable.

I would love to see a short-hand like:

    type: text
    #and other stuff
  gap: 1/8 # indent next field

    type: info
    #and other stuff

  gap: 1/1 # vertical gap

If you use only one, you can use gap: true (but then you can’t specify the width) or

  width: 1/8

without the type.

Other than that, all fields need a unique key and a type. You don’t have to be creative, call them gap1, gap2, etc.

Or create reusable fields for different width, and then use them like so

gap1: fields/gap1_8

The reusable fields option would be a nice oneliner. (ps. I do numbering as well, which works fine until you have to insert fields lateron at which point it starts becomming a mess again)

As it stands I want to propose the functionality that non-interactable fields (e.g. gap & line and even info & headline) should be addable without identifier (and of course with an intuitive parameter-shortcode) as a feature request.

In the backend one can still add id’s for the Veux side of things, but it would make the bleuprints a lot more readable IMO.

This is something for our feedback tool:

Thanks, I posted the feedback.

For if anyone is interested in this feedback/idea: