Adding file field with 'add' option to child pages

I’m not sure what I’m not understanding with this. It seems very straight forward but I’ve been struggling for hours now :roll_eyes:

I have a few static pages set up with preset: page in the blueprint. There’s a default field for files with the option to add and upload with this preset which is great :+1::

I also have a blog page set up in the same way as the Notes are in the Starterkit - a ‘blog’ and ‘article’ blueprint and there’s a section called ‘articles’ that has type: pages parent: site.find("blog").

The ‘articles’ (the children of ‘blog’) blueprint requires me to manually add images: type: files to generate the Files field. However, having done that it gives me in the option to ‘select’ a file and not ‘add’ a file like a page preset does:

And I can’t figure out a way of having the ‘add’ option. This is probably something really simple so I apologize in advance. How is this achieved?

These are two different things:

  • The first one you describe, it a files section, where you can upload images to your page.
  • The second one is a files field, allows you to select images that have already been uploaded. What you select there is actually stored in your content file (usually the filename or the file id).

I understand this is quite confusing in the beginning. But you have to set up a files section for uploading.