Adding fields to the Admin profile page

Hi, I just realised I can add fields to the admin page to create a bio and so on but can’t seem to get it working.

The admin page says:

You can define additional sections and form fields for this user role in /site/blueprints/users/admin.yml

I have created that and added just a couple of basic fields. But it does not change anything or report any errors. Seems like it is just not seeing the file or not looking for it.

Suspecting I am doing something wrong here. Is there anything obvious you think I am missing?

Could you post the file contents please?

At the moment it contains the content from the sample on this page.

The very first example, all I did was change the title from user to admin.

Did you also change the filename to admin.yml?

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Oh, what an idiot…

Couldn’t see it for looking at it. Just noticed I placed the users folder inside the pages folder and not directly under blueprints. Working now.