Adding css to to website

What’s the recommended way of adding css to a Kirby site -I want to add a flexbox layout to my site - so would I extend the existing index.css or should I create an additional css file for the flexbox layout.
Thanks for your help

As regards use of CSS there is no difference between a Kirby website and a static website.

Since your CSS regards the whole site, you would load it with every page, so it should be in the main CSS file (in this case the index.css). The reason is that you want to prevent unnecessary http requests to addition files for performance reasons.

But I wouldn’t just add the CSS, but also remove the then unneeded styles for the current layout.

Thanks Sonja,

You’re last point is exactly my problem - not a Kirby problem.

I don’t have the experience to look at the css and know what to leave and what to remove, but I understand that all the css is processed regardless of whether it’s used or replaced by later css.