Adding a border to certain images

Vaguely similar to this:

Some of my images have a white background and will be displayed on a white background – and so need a class adding so that I can give them a border in my CSS.

I wouldn’t want a client to have to write class names (in an images meta data as per the above question). But simply, in the Panel, be able to select an image and select if it has a border or not (like a toggle from off to on). Is this possible? It would be even better if the client, in the Panel, doesn’t have to open every single image that requires a border – is there a way to do this on the page view, rather than in an images meta data?

No, there is no out-of-the-box way to do that. An ideas would be to use table layout for the files section and make such a toggle preview editable, but that would be advanced stuff.

But at least you could show the value of such field via the info option in your section (or in table layout)

    type: files
    template: image
    layout: table
        label: Show border?
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As ever, thank you! I think, if you think this is advanced stuff, I’m going to leave well alone!