Add url for video in Blueprint

Hello, and sorry in advance for my very basic question.
I’m trying to learn Kirky, but I’m totally new with php.

I’m adding a button that opens a vidéo in a lightbox in my templates.php and would like to be able to add in admin panel the Youtube link with blueprint.

I use in blueprint:

label: link to video
type: url

But I don’t know and did not found how to add the correct php to add link from the admin

a href="?youtube?">open youtube

If someone has an advice or a link where I can learn how to, It would be helpful.
I search in doc and cheat sheet, but all i tried gave me an error.

Thank you,

I think the easiest way to implement videos (youtube, vimeo, …) is the oEmbed-Plugin by @distantnative
There’s a really good instruction on the plugin page, so maybe you should have try.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask …

Hello Flokosiol,

Thank you for your response, yes I already use this plugin to implemente video, it is very well done and well documented.

But for my “problem” I can’t use it, my video opens in a lightbox, and just would need to be able to write correctly in php:

<div class="video"><a href ="<?php echo MyYoutubeUrl() ?>"> Link open video in LB</a></div>

It could be a link for a video or anything else.

Thanks again for your welcome :wink:

If the name of your url-field defined in your blueprint is url, you can use the following code to echo just the URL

<?php echo $page->url() ?>

But I’m still not really sure if it’s that what you want to achieve?!

Which lightbox plugin are you using?

EDIT: I corrected my code as mentioned by @Targoran below. Sorry.

If you just want to output the url and your field name is ‘url’, use

<?php echo $page->url() ?>

So the complete would be

<div class="video"><a href ="<?php echo $page->url() ?>"> Link open video in LB</a></div>

I use: lightcase

Hi Targoran, thank you for your help.
Yes I already tried this way but it open the page in a frame, not the Video :frowning:

my blueprint:

label: URL
type: url

Yep, that’s why @flokosiol was asking want you are trying to achieve.
You would probably want to combine the lightbox with the oembed plugin, so the embedded video opens inside the lightbox. Just a thought, haven’t tried it…

If I use :

<div class="video"><a href =""> Link open video in LB</a></div>

It works good.

I just installed and tried oembed it but I actually do not use it.
Oembed creates some div that’s why i can’t use it to show lightbox or I have to review all css.

I thought it could have some troubles with Oembed installed so i delete it and tried <?php echo $page->url() ?> but still open page, and not video link.

YouTube supports iframe-urls like this:

Lightcase supports iframes as mentioned here:

So, if you store the iframe-url from YouTube in your field and echo it with $page->url() in your template, something like this should do the trick (untested) …

<a class="lightcase-video" href ="<?php echo $page->url() ?>">Click to open lightbox</a>

<script type="text/javascript">
  jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
      iframe : {
        width : auto,
        height : auto,
        frameborder : 0

The rest is up to you. Good luck!

Finally I used :

<?php echo $page->youtube() ?>

label: Link to embed youtube
type: url
required: true

I don’t know if it is the good way to do what I want but it Works.

Thank you for your help and advices.