Accessing config options from plugin's Created() hook in js. Is it possible?

Hey everyone.
I want to access and use my plugin options from config file in a panel plugin.

Here is the code:

panel.plugin("vbadvanced/kirby-persian", {
  created(app) {
    // Here I want to accces my "" option.
  components: {},
  fields: {},

In the field plugins its as easy as reading and passing options as props for field. but in my case I want to read options and conditionally set some html attributes on the DOM.

Thanks in advance :pray:

I think you have to fetch the config options via a custom api endpoint. They don’t seem to be globally accessible.

Maybe you could use the system-loadplugins-after hook somehow for this?

Once this fires, Kirby is in a loaded stated which has the options from config.php available via the option() helpers.

Thanks @texnixe , Actually I’ve considered this as the last possible solution. Maybe it’s the only solution to this. :roll_eyes:
Currently I’m working on a new panel plugin to add support for Persian (Farsi) features to the panel and frontend.

Thanks you for your reply :pray:

I’m looking to access options in my js code. The system-loadplugins-after hook is for backend php code.
I don’t know if it’s possible to add any piece of metadata to loaded plugins and use it in frontend later?