About .jobs folder

I made a srcset with 10 pictures, it’s look OK but at some viewport I have some 404 for my image.
I look at my folder :
Capture d’écran 2020-03-05 à 15.25.07

What does it mean ?

Kirby creates jobs for each size of thumb defined for the Panel or in your front-end code. But these thumbs are created on the fly only when actually requested.

On the fly… I refresh and nothing change.
Capture d’écran 2020-03-05 à 15.43.40
it’s another file but same problem.

What irritates me is the name of these jobs with the comma and following long number. Never seen that before.

Could you post the code that generates these jobs/thumbs?

I will try to Math.round() this :slight_smile:

I just noticed the comma and thought it looked weird, didn’t even realize those were fractions…:see_no_evil:

Thank you Texnixe !

I have my own srcset to change path for a cdn.
It’s look like this and now with round it’s work :slight_smile:

              … srcset="<?= $cover->mysrcset([
             '320w' => [
                  'width' => 320,
                  'height' => round(320*307/460),
                  'crop' => 'center'
              '460w' => [
                'width' => 460,
                'height' => round(460*307/460),
                'crop' => 'center'
              ], …

Glad to read that :slightly_smiling_face: