Ability to edit on-page

Hi, I am wondering if Kirby has the ability to allow clients to edit the content on the front end page, or if there are any plans for this in the pipeline?


No, Kirby doesn’t support frontend editing out of the box, and there are no plans for frontend editing on the roadmap (https://feedback.getkirby.com).

You could implement it yourself but that would probably be quite some work.

This has been something going through my head for a while.
I played around with https://grapesjs.com/, an open-source page builder, to see how could it be integrated with Kirby. And although it is possible, GrapesJS is very flexible and actively maintained. It would need a lot of work to make it worthwhile.

Thanks, I think I’d be happy with just enabling the client to edit text, or change a photo, rather than full blown layout capability.

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