A "Blog" page (showing titles, author, date...)


I’m discovering Kirby, but I can’t find a way to display the “classical blog page” (present on every CMS) displaying the last articles’ titlle, author, date, etc.

Example : https://bestblog.wordpress.com/ (I just googled randomly about blogs)

I imagine this is present somewhere in Kirby default template, but where?


Take a look here in the Kirby documentation: http://getkirby.com/docs/solutions/blog

And also here for a pre-made collection of blueprints, templates etc.: Blogprint - a blueprint for blogs with kirby

If you use the panel for your or your clients input, you never have to build a new folder directly.

Look at Authentication for details on different roles.

I can also really recommend @sashtown’s baseblog theme: http://baseblog.sashtown.de/

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