404 when trying to set up panel

Hi everybody. I’ve just set up a Kirby site, mostly for learning purposes. I am trying to see if I can run Nextcloud and a kind of diary/blog on the same VPS. (I want to try to add Kirby content through Nextcloud, but first, I am just trying to get Kirby working.) I’m using using HAproxy to listen to ports 80 and 443, sending Nextcloud to 81 and 444. So far, so good. I’ve set up PHP and Apache on ports 82 and 445. I can get the front page of my Kirby installation (diary.domain.com), but when I try to go to the panel (diary.domain.com/panel), I get a 404 error.

In .htaccess, I’ve set RewriteBase /, but the 404 error persists.

My question is: how can I install the panel?

Do subpages work or only the start page?

Note that if not, make sure that mod_rewrite is enabled on your server and that config overrides via .htaccess are allowed.

Please also keep in mind that to install the Panel on a remote server, you have to allow that in your config (but that’s only a second step).

Subpages such as diary.domain.com/about (content from the starterkit) also return 404 not found errors.

Then please see my edits above.

Ah thanks so much. .htaccess was indeed not being used.