[3.6.2] kirbytext config options doesn't work as expected


i am currently trying to adjust the standard behaviour of some kirbytags. As described here kirbytext | Kirby CMS i added the node:

    'kirbytext' => [
        'file' => [
            'class' => 'dr-kirbytag--link',
            'download' => false,
            'target' => '_blank',

to config.php. The resulting link looks like <a class="" download="" href="http://localhost:8090/media/pages/news/1645554347/3d8f63962e-1645554583/eb-l250f-datasheet.pdf" target="">eb-l250f-datasheet.pdf</a>.

Without the kirbytext node the link looks like this <a href="http://localhost:8090/media/pages/news/1645554347/3d8f63962e-1645554583/eb-l250f-datasheet.pdf">eb-l250f-datasheet.pdf</a>.

It seems the config is somehow taken into account but not quite.

I just tested in a Startkit with your settings and get:

Link tag:

(file: desert.jpg)


<a class="dr-kirbytag--link" download="" href="http://test-composer-setup.test/media/pages/notes/through-the-desert/31186db24a-1643712165/desert.jpg" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">desert.jpg</a>