Tags not working (on my test setup?)


I’ am playing with kirby right now and wanted to write a kirbytext extension. I followed the tutorial in the documentation and noticed that it did not work. After some fiddling I decided to download a plugin (I choose this one) to test if it was my fault and it turns out that the plugin doesn’t work either. I am using MAMP with Apache for testing and developing, but I am not sure what causes this error.

If I wanna use the tag it just gets printed. For example:

I have following lines in my article.txt file:

# Test

Trying out stuff!
(code: test.html)

and it just gets printed out.

This is the folder structure:

├── ...
├── tags
│   └── code.php
├── ...

I have following custom contents in my config.php:

c::set('timezone', 'Europe/Berlin');
setlocale(LC_TIME, 'de_DE');
c::set('markdown.extra', true);

Any ideas?

PS: Hi everyone, first time working with kirby, I am really exited. :slight_smile:

@koffeingeladen What code do you use to output the content?

BTW: the code in your config should be: c::set('locale', 'de_DE');, I think.


Yeah, the ->kirbytext() was missing. Thanks!

About the locale: For now it is only there to get german month names and setlocale(LC_TIME, 'de_DE'); ist doing that for me. Don’t know what difference c::set('locale', 'de_DE') would make.

c::set is just the kirby way of doing it …, so used to it now that sometimes pure php looks unfamiliar;)