1.000.000 Submissions: How to handle and store A LOT of form submissions by front end users?

Hey y’all,

for a survey I want to create a page that (without a login) lets visitors fill out a form and submit it.
I would like to store the data and then display it in a table and in graphs and so on.

I might use this helpful plugin for this endeavor: https://gitlab.com/kirbyzone/formbuilder

Now for storing the submissions (as far as I understand) apparently I could:

What is the best way to store the submitted submitted data – if I would want a solution that is super-scaleable and would work for A LOT of submissions (let’s say 1.000.000)?

(I’m not expecting that much participants, but I am interested how that would be solveable with Kirby.)

A structure field with 1.000.000 entries is probably madness, isn’t it? Would you rather store the submissions externally in some database? How would that work?

Thank you,
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For such a number, definitely a database. Kirby has it’s own little database class that should be sufficient if you don’t have to do overly complex stuff. Otherwise you can easily add another Database class.

Wondering what sort of survey will render that many returns :thinking: What is there to win?

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1000 users whereas the rest consists of bots? scnr


Thank you for the super-quick response!
:smiley: It’s probably more of a proof of concept thing, but who knows!

This is the description of the database class you are referring to, right?

Looks great! I will try it that way! Thank you very much!
Now on to learning about what MySQL is! :slight_smile:

Yep, those are the basics, there is more, but a bit hidden in the docs and the source code :wink:

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Instead of MySQL, SQLite might be an alternative for this use case.

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