Zend Framework into Kirby

We had a topic here. Zend framework integration into Kirby header

We want to include Zend Framework into Kirby. We’ve tried several things. If anybody has done this and would be willing to share some code that would be a great time saver for us. We’re not having any luck with what we’re trying.

We have our main site built on Zend. Then we have Kirby loading in a subdirectory of that Zend deployment.

We’de like to move everything into Kirby but have to do so a little at a time and for now we would need to use Zend inside of Kirby. Hope that helps reclarify what we are trying to accomplish.

I found something like this for Wordpress.


Not sure if this helps someone create a solution that works in Kirby. It would be great to know this :slight_smile:

Are the pages using Kirby also using bits of your Zend Framework app? If the Kirby-powered pages don’t use rely on your Zend app, maybe just configure your .htaccess, VirtualHost or equivalent to send certain requests to Kirby and all other requests to the Zend app?

We have an app outside of kirby and need to call bits and pieces from it.