YouTube embed nocookies

When trying to embed a YouTube Video with the help of the Kirby cookbookEasily embed HTML5 Videos, adding -nocookies to the youtube url isn’t accepted.
So (youtube: simply becomes
What would be the simplest way to keep the -nocookies part in the URL? I considered just copying and slightly adapting the Kirby youtube tag, but this uses the embed() method.

At the time I created my first kirby homepage, I used my own kirbytag for this, because I wanted the html5 option to be set automatically:

But this plugin will not be further developed or maintained in favor of the plugin of Nico Hoffmann, which is way more versatile:

So basically, the solution would be to create your own kirbytag (which does not rely on the embed method of the toolkit) or to use an existing plugin.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:
I’ll probably write a custom tag