Your CalDAV / Webcal / ICS Solution?

is anyone in here using CalDAV or Webcal or ICS to display “external” calendar-events? What’s your solution?

At our group, we use Nextcloud with its calendar and want to show events on our website - integrated into our design.

i found this plugin, but for us it’s 100% clear, that we don’t want to use third party services - especially from global players like google.

You mean like this:

The calender in the top right and the “Kalender” subpage ( is reading a ICS-file, displaying it using

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We are create our calendar in Outlook and saving that as an ICS-File

Then we parse the ICS and creat JSON. You can have a look at our code here:

To renew the JSON I simply re-export the ics and call the PHP file. I never came around to play with webhooks. That should be possible as well, just never really put time into that.

Does this help?

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@demlak You might also find two of my plugins useful

Reccur - for handling recurring dates (these also work with since rrules are a standard)

Yasumi - get all public holidays for any country in the world (useful for excluding events that fall on those dates)


@jimbobrjames Thx a lot… but we manage calendar-entries only via nextcloud…

@carsten_kgs thx a lot… this maybe will help us