'You are not allowed to do this'

I made a new role for the end-user of the website. This is my role file:


return [
  'name'        => 'Editor',
  'default'     => false,
  'permissions' => [
    '*'                 => true,
    'panel.site.update' => false,
    'panel.access.options' => false,
    'panel.access.users' => false,
    'panel.page.*' => false,
    'panel.page.read' => function() {
      return $this->target()->page()->isVisible() || $this->target()->page()->intendedTemplate() === 'photo';
    'panel.page.update' => function() {
      return $this->target()->page()->isVisible() || $this->target()->page()->intendedTemplate() === 'photo';
    'panel.page.visibility' => function() {
      return $this->target()->page()->intendedTemplate() === 'photo';
    'panel.page.delete' => function() {
      return $this->target()->page()->intendedTemplate() === 'guestbook';

So the user should be allowed to edit pages. This is actually confirmed by the fields on the pages not being disabled. But when I try to make changes and press save, the feedback I’m getting is that I’m not allowed, as can be seen in the screenshot.


The thing is, changes are actually coming through, because it is actually saved and updated correctly, but just appears to be a front-end bug. It’s however quite annoying for the end-user…

Am I doing something wrong, or is this actually unintended?
I’m on Kirby 2.4.1 by the way.

This is a bug: https://github.com/getkirby/panel/issues/989

I see :slight_smile:

Any ETA on a possible fix? Since the GitHub issue hasn’t been updated in 20 days.

No, unfortunately, there’s no ETA yet :cry: .

Any idea how helpful a pull request would be?

If community pull requests are generally accepted, I’ll try to look into it myself when I find time!


Community pull requests are accepted. But they need to be tested nevertheless, so this may or may not speed up the process. But if you need a solution now, it’s certainly worth a try.