Www in subdomain name / problem setting up email

I have set up a website using Kirby on a subdomain (www.clanada.org) on my main domain (www.danielleaubert.com). It is working really well, however I cannot use the clanada.org subdomain for email because the domain name needs to be listed as www.clanada.org. If I change the domain name to remove the ‘www’ I can see the site’s content in plain HTML.

It’s not a problem for viewing the site through a browser, but email would ned to go to @www.clanada.org rather than @clanada.org.

My hosting provide thinks something needs to be adjusted in the config file, or somewhere with Kirby in order to correct for this? Has anyone had a similar experience?

I am very inexperienced with this kind of thing and would appreciate any advice/help! Thank you!!!

This is most definitely a problem of the hosting infrastructure and can’t be fixed on the application level (for example by Kirby).

If email works without www and Kirby works with www, a solution could be to create both domains and use one for email and the other one for Kirby.

Thanks for answering and for this suggestion, it is really helpful!