Wrong tags count if multiple tags are being used

Hello everyone,

I have a tagcloud that lists all of the tags used in the children items of two main pages.

I also list the count of the items that a tag has -
e.g. Development (3 items), Travel (1 item), Cars (5 items), using this:

$count = $pages->children()->filterBy('tags', $tag)->count();

All works good.

Unfortunately if I add an item that uses more than one tag, all of the tags that are used for this item get a wrong count - which is the real count number minus one item ($count-1).


  1. I have this:
    Development (3), Travel (1), Cars (5)

  2. I add a new item that has all of the tags above and I get:
    Development (3), Travel (1), Cars (5)
    instead of incremented count values:
    Development (4), Travel (2), Cars (6)

Do you have any idea why this happens?

Thanks a lot!

Sounds like some sort of (browser) caching problem rather than anything else?

Hm, I don’t think it’s a caching issue, since I am using a cache-buster and I just tried in another browser :frowning:

Can you provide more code context? Where do you get the tag from? Where do you calculate the tag count?

Here is the full tagcloud.php snippet that I call in header.php:

    $tags = $pages->children()->visible()->pluck('tags', ',', true);

  <ul class="tags">
    <?php foreach($tags as $tag):
        $count = $pages->children()->filterBy('tags', $tag)->count();
        <?= html($tag) ?>
        <strong><?= $count ?></strong>
    <?php endforeach ?>

If you change your filterBy()condition, it should work:

$count = page('projects')->children()->filterBy('tags', '*=', $tag)->count();


$count = page('projects')->children()->filterBy('tags',  $tag, ',')->count();

Whoa, this works like a charm! Thanks a million, Sonja :pray: