Writer Field: Copy / Paste issues

I have a client who needs to copy / paste (multiline) text from a pdf into a writer field.
The problem is, that each line gets wrapped into <p> tags which neither looks good nor feels right.
But when I set inline to true, then only the first line gets stored in the content file after saving.
I don’t know if this is, how the field should behave, when inline is set to true and if this is an actual issue, so a thought from Your side would be much appreciated (markdown field in this case is no alternative to me), before I open an issue on Github (should I open one at all in this case?).
Another thing I noticed is, that characters like äöëßËÄÖ (probably others too, except Üü) get replaced by a dot when copy / pasting in Chrome on Mac OS. Shift + v on the other hand works. :man_shrugging:t3:

Edit: Maybe I should mention, that I’m talking about many pages (150+) and the same amount of PDFs – if it was just about one page, of course it wouldn’t be that much of a problem.