Will links between pages on 'dev' site still work when live?

A client is uploading content to their new website. The site is in a development area dev.example.com
If they link to https://dev.example.com/about will this link still work when the site is moved out of the development area, i.e. https://example.com/about?

Do you mean, if they hard-code such a link into their content? Then no, that won’t work.

They have a lot of resources. On resource X they might want to refer, in the body text, to resource Y. How should they link between pages, so that the links still work when the site is moved?

If you are using using kirbytext, they should use the (link: …) tag to refer to other pages.

So if they select some text and go the link option, this window pops up.

Screenshot 2023-03-14 at 12.19.13 pm

What should they put in the URL field? “about”? What happens if the page is several layers down – for example


Would the client have to type in “principles/able-to-take-part-in-community-life2/example-case-study”? That’s asking for trouble

Is it possible to have a dropdown option listing all the pages of the website, for the client to quickly select and link to? Then again, the dropdown could end up very long and complicated with sub-sections. So I’m not sure that would work?

yes :slight_smile:

Yes :slight_smile:
They can also copy & paste it. In general I think if someone’s able to type in “https://dev.example.com/principles/able-to-take-part-in-community-life2/example-case-study”, they’re also able to type in “principles/able-to-take-part-in-community-life2/example-case-study”.

Otherwise you could have a pages or pagesdisplay section near the textarea and let them drag and drop the page into the textarea.

Also works with blocks

Okay, so I need to tell them to copy and paste the page URL:

And then remove the first bit

And this will work in the dev site and the live site.

Thank you!

That looks just like what I was expecting Kirby would do out of the box. If only I knew how to install it!

Hi Moonwalk

Will links created in the dev environment work when the site is moved to the live URL?

Am I correct in saying the user starts to type the title of the page and options appear – presumably these options are only internal pages? Can sub-sub-pages etc be found in this way?

Yes, external links must be copy/pasted.

Internal links can be selected from the built-in page picker in the link dialog (looks like a normales pages field and stores the id or uuid of the selected page).

Urm, I don’t know what that is. Do I have to do something to my pages to get them to be listed?