Wildcards in blueprint subpage templates


i don’t know if it is possible already but my idea is a wildcard function for
allowed subpage templates.


A usecase would be: A “Events” page should only have the event type templates to choose
from e.g. “event-concert”, “event-lection”, “event-jamsession”.
So, if a new template/event type is created e.g. “event-exhibition” i have also modify the "Events"
blueprint as well.

Something like:

  template: event-*

would save a little time.

any thoughts?

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Look at “Multiple templates” on https://getkirby.com/docs/panel/blueprints/subpages-settings#templates-for-subpages to set the blueprints for subpages.

I know about this… reffered to the same URL in my post.
But it seems there is nothing like wildcards at the moment.

Sven(EF) :wink:

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For me is that no problem, because I as the developer will control, which blueprint is posible where.

If I would follow your idea, the names of the blueprints are restricted by the other blueprints, which may be on an older websire are in use in other parts of the website. I sometimes reuse an old blueprint at a new position in the sitemenu too.

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I actually thought about the same thing today for a project I’m currently working on. :smiley:
Added this as a feature request on GitHub.


This would be so awesome! :raised_hands: