Widget > options: set link to an external front page


I’ve made a custom widget by following the instruction in the documentation:

In need to redirect the link to a external front page of the website but not by an hard coding url. The documentation said that we have full access to the most important objects in our widget code through the panel object. So I 've tried this in my main widget php file:

return array(

  'title'   => 'Support',
  'options' => array(
                        'text'    => c::get('support_access'),
                        'icon'    => 'life-ring',
                        'link'    => panel()->site()->url() . '/help/',
                        'target'  => '_blank'
  'html'    => function() {
      return tpl::load(__DIR__ . DS . 'support.html.php');


But …

'link' => panel()->site()->url() . '/help/', 

… doesn’t seem to work :-/

If I hard coding the url, it works

'link' => 'http://mywebsite/help/', 

But I really need to use a dynamic code ( panel()->site()->url() ) to find the root url website.

Does someone see what I am doing wrong?


Sorry, I’m stupid sometime, it’s time to lunch :wink:

Obviously, the solution is:

'link' => kirby()->site()->url() . '/help/',