Whitelist delete of children

When a page has childrens in the blueprint, it’s not possible to delete that page. For some pages and with some plugins there would be really helpful if there was an option to whitelist the some of the children for deletion.

 - revisions
 - some-child-page
    label: Tiitle
    type: title

(Don’t mix it with the option: delete: true. This delete is in the root.)

Even if there is a revisions child page, this option would allow the “Delete page” button to appear. With a click on it, it would delete the page including the revisions folder, because it was in the whitelist.

Now there is a danger in this, that childrens are accidentally deleted, but because we have actively set in our blueprint that these are allowed to be deleted I think it’s fine.


I like the idea.

I also ran into this problem with the modules plugin when the modules appear in a subfolder. I was planning to tackle this with a plugin but a native solution would be great and less hacky.

A new option for this is not necessary I think. Perhaps just a info in the modal that points out that you are about to delete child pages if you continue.

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+1 for the warming message.

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