Where store kirby textinformation if no textfile is present


I have an multilanguage site developed with Kirby.
On this, I uploaded an contentfolder with only two pictures through FTP. No textfile included.
Than I open the Panel and go through the site with the two pictures. Here I change the title in every language.
Now I got to my browser an all works fine.

Now, if I take a look into the folder there is no textfile with the titleinformation. Where store Kirby/panel the Titleinformation?
I thought that Kirby will create the textfile if it is not present but it looks other.

There should/must be a text file if the title is displayed in the browser. Have you updated the folder display in your ftp software?

thats strange. I reconnected twice and no textfiel was shown but after I have updatet the folder the textfiles was there.

And another not necessary forums post :).
Tahnk you Sonja.