Where can I download Kirbys PlainKit?

Is it gone? It used to be downloadable on the “Try” page but I can’t find it anymore.

I got it:

Maybe it would be a good idea to make that choise more obvious on the Kirby site?

What would be the best place? We have it here, but I consider that a bit hidden as well: https://getkirby.com/docs/guide/installation#installation

On the “try” page.

I just start a new project and at this point don’t have a licence yet. So I went to the place, where I can get my fresh copy of Kirby. That is “try”.

Someone else who starts a new project might go to “buy” for some other reason, but with the goal to get his copy of Kirby to start.

Why not a good old “Downloads” section on the site?

Right now the path to a fresh Kirby copy it is rather context driven, but not everybody starts in the same context.

And since I know how to install Kirby, I didn’t look up that support page. I used the search, but I am not good at typing the correct spelling into search fields. I must have spelled “Plainkit” wrong, so I didn’t find it.

So I was lost for the moment.

Maybe make that important part of getting Kirby more context agnostic?

The difference between the Starterkit and the Plainkit is that the Starterkit comes with example code and content to try Kirby out. The Plainkit is more for building projects from scratch however. So I think that it doesn’t really fit on the “try” page.

I like the idea of a general “downloads” page. It could be an overview over everything you can download. From kits to press images etc.

Maybe we should even have it in multiple places, after all, the goal is to make finding Kirby as easy as possible and to allow people to choose the right download for their purposes. Usually, the Starterkit is the right choice if you are just starting out with Kirby. I don’t know if there are many people who would want to try Kirby and prefer to see an empty page and almost no code :thinking:, probably not.

However, the Plainkit is definitely hard to find if you don’t know your way around Kirby’s website and GitHub.

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Yeee-well, you know… . For me the new Starter Kit is a brilliant peace of design, like the fonts and the whole idea of that “maegazine”.

But (of course there is a “but”) I find it hard to translate that special kind of content and presentation into what is my reality. Of course I am not the pro I would like to be, and for others, this might not be a thing. But I find it rather hard to wrap my head around it and - again - translate that to the more usual purposes of my projects.

What it probably does very well, is to promote V3s new features, but - see above.

That is the reason why I reached out for the Plainkit and now want try to figure things using a different source as a reference ( aka copy/ paste :wink: ).

We are all very different, after all, which is a good thing.

Many people create their own kits that fit the way they work as a starting point for their projects. After all, most projects have certain parts in common that you don’t have to reinvent for every project.

Anyway - since it is called “getkirby” it should be easy to get Kirby… :wink: