When 'translate: false' creating in second lang does not apply default value

Consider a field like this:

    label: Editions (If unique, 1)
    type: number
    min: 0
    default: 1
    translate: false

If I happen to create this page when in the secondary language, this field is created without the default value.

I understand this is because it is set as translate: false, but it does not make a lot of sense from the user perspective, who wants the field to be non-editable in the secondary language, but still expects the default to be applied in all cases.

Is this a bug or expected behaviour ?


Is this a silly question or a difficult one?

Should I fill a bug ?


Have you actually checked what happens if the field is not set to translate: false? Is the default value then nevertheless stored even if the page is created from a secondary language?


In all cases (no matter the selected language in the panel when creating the page) the text file created belongs to the first language, in this case: work.es.txt

If the fields are translate: false, the default value is NOT applied and the field is NOT registered at all in the text file.

If the fields are translate: true, the default value IS applied and so the field IS registered correctly in the text file.

Is this what you were asking ?

Thank you

Yes, thank you!

Yes, Kirby always creates the default language text file first.

I actually think if the value is stored in the default language when translate is false or not set, then the same logic should also apply when the translate: false is set.

Could you please create an issue on GitHub?

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