What's the opposite of $page->toArray?


i have a array with all page data (as the $page->toArray does it).
How can i convert it back to a page object and render it?


What is your use case? You can’t create virtual page objects, the page has to exist in the file system. So the page object is simply $page or page('somepage').

Still the “changes/diff stuff”… i have a page with “content blocks” (kirby modules) and want to render both blocks: the actual one (from file) and the saved/old version one… from an array.

Maybe i can “inject” the data from the “old-array” into the “new-pageObject” if a user want to see the old content…hmm.

I think you can extend the page class for this purpose.

Hm, don’t know how this works. Maybe @jenstornell can help me out?

I need a page extension to set stuff rather than get it… $module->content->fields->text = “1”; want work.


Not sure if it will solve your problem, but maybe you can use this: https://github.com/jenstornell/kirby-secrets/wiki/Page-value-manipulation

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Yes, that’s what I referred to.

Ok, i’ll take a look into the code.

Thank you both!

How do i pass a array like yours from outside the class? … call’ new Test’ with a set of fields i want to change?

Instead of using a predefined array, I’d overwrite the constructor to accept a data array …

public function __construct($parent, $dirname, $data = []) {

  $this->data = $data;


(then change all instances of array to data in the __call method)

And instantiate the new object like this:

$new = new Test($page->parent(), $page->dirname(), $data);
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