Virtual pages vs programaticaly created pages performance

Hi everyone,
Today i have to deal with a set of data based on xml files and turn them into pages.
Actually it’s about 4000 xml files, so it would be 4000 pages to add.

I first thought to use Virtual pages, because it’s the fastest way, but i read that we can’t search them.
Then i thought i could parse each file and create a new page as a .txt file in the content folder.

I’d like to have your opinion about performance concerns in each process ?


What would speak against turning them into actual pages in the file system?

No, that’s not true.

So do you think real pages is the best way to go ? They’ll have better performance than virtual ones ?

I can’t really answer that question. Maybe it will be more or less the same, particularly with caching in place.

Therefore I’d rather look at the use case. Is this a one time import? Should the stuff be updatable via the Panel? Etc.

Yes i got to update xml files from a remote request nearly each month.