Virtual Pages as Options in Select Fields?

Hey all!

Hope, you’re all healthy. I’ve built a model for virtual pages that come from API. All this is working fine! I can iterate children of that page without any hastle.

Now i’ve tried to get these virtual children as options into a select field. I fail to do so. Getting it to work with real children is no problem, but virtual pages don’t seem to work. Here’s a part of my blueprint

    label: Passender Blogeintrag
    type: select
    options: query
    query: site.find('blog').children

The error kirby throws is

Access to method/property children on null in file: /var/www/website/kirby-3.5.3/src/Toolkit/Query.php line: 242

Is there a good way to bring my virtual data into a select field? Thanks in advance!

Is the parent page really called blog? Because the error says that site.find('blog') returns null and not a page object, and therefore the call to children fails.

Because the virtual children can be queried just like any other children (as you can see here with a set of virtual pages from images)