Video plugin outputting at top of kt() textarea

Just run into a small issue with my video plugin for some reason, with 3.2.2 it outputs the video at the top of the kirby text out put, regardless of where i put the kirby tag. If i stick it between paragraphs 4 and 5 for example, it still comes out at the top of the page in the browser.

The plugin renders a snippet in the field where the kirby tag is placed. This worked previously, but does not seem to do so in 3.2.2.

What could be causing this?

Problem with empty lines in snippet or indentation? I think I’ve seen this before…

I tried that before posting, but no luck.

I see your snippet call has the third param set to false (which is the default, anyway), but if you store it in a variable, it should be set to true.

That sorted it :slight_smile: thanks.

Did this really work with a previous Kirby version? I’m tempted not to believe that (because one thing I’ve learned in all these years is “Don’t take their word for it when users say it worked before, I didn’t change anything” :wink:.

Well, im sure it did when i first tested it, since i would have investigated if i had seen it happen :slight_smile:

Unless i put it at the top when i tested it…

That was probably the case, because I bet a quick test would reveal the same issue in a prior version :woman_shrugging: