Very slow with >4500 records

Kirby started working very slow after we inserted more than 4000 rec. It extremely slowed down on plugin ‘pagetable’ with paging (15-30 s), and on each record (when pressing next it takes around 2-3 s). Is it normal? Do you have any idea what can I do, or where investigate to fix this?

Yes, having lots of subpages in a single folder has an impact on performance, especially on a slow (entry-level) server.

What is your server setup?

Thread Count 6
Processor Name Intel Xeon Processor (Skylake, IBRS)
Processor Speed (MHz) 2593.906
Total Memory 24522368 kB
Apache 2.4.48

As @bnomei wrote in his article on caching, using PHP8, Nginx, and enough RAM can already make a big difference.

As it’s all file-based disks are important. Is that server spinning rust, SSD or NVMe? Is it an actual server or just a VPS? So many variables. I have seen some NVMe servers/VPS perform really badly in shared environments which can have a real impact.

In this case it is dedicated server. Shared server was performing bad, so we got rid of that.

As I see the correct way would be to get rid pagetable component and write new one - which uses Boost plugin or move to DB (I do not know if that would help). Caching will help only if I rewrite core functions (because filtering is done using core functions). Am I right?

the pagestable plugin by @sylvainjule in known to not be fast with bigger data sets. it would need a new “remote mode”.

try with a core pages section to compare the performance gained.