Very slow Kirby response time

I’m having an issue with the response time to load Kirby on my live server. The problem is as follows:

The average time to begin rendering of page: ~4s.

A few things to note:

Has anyone experienced a similar issue?

According to the network tab and pagespeedinsights, the main problem is the server response time.

Yes, I saw that too.

What is puzzling me is the server hosts around 10 websites of mine, and the only one responding slowly is the Kirby one. Static sites and Wordpress sites are loading in a fraction of the time.

It can “appear” as 1 server, but actually be multiple.

If you have possibilities to upload it to another server/host, I’ld try it. If that one is a lot faster, I’ld contact the host.

Your hostname resolves to multiple IP-Addresses, are you sure this is correct?

@Adspectus CloudFlare…

At least I would try by remove the IPv6 address. I once encountered lags in resolution when I had this.

@cbradley right now I am accessing your site from Sydney, Australia, and the home page fully loads in just over 2 seconds - which is not bad (still faster than the average WordPress site). If you’re hosting the site on a shared hosting account, however, be aware that your page load times will vary a lot, depending on the traffic of all other sites who are sharing the server with you. That is the nature of ‘shared hosting’.

If that is the issue, you should be able to get more consistent loading times by switching to a different type of hosting - e.g., a VPS, or even a dedicated server, depending on your needs and your budget.

Thanks all, for the time being I’ve plugged in a static site generator and am now hosting that instead - Load time has increased to 0.5s from 4s.

Not got to the bottom of the issue, but there is something odd happening with Kirby and my hosting setup.