Versions for Kirby: Content versioning in the Panel

A client has asked me about two plugins: A plugin to deploy content changes between site instances (e.g. from staging to production). And a plugin to create content backups in case a change is made by accident or if the data center burns down.

So I asked myself: Why don’t we combine the two use-cases into one versatile plugin? That’s why I created the Versions plugin for Kirby:

The plugin is built on Git, which makes the version handling very robust. Git’s features are however not exposed to the Panel users – the goal was to create a user-friendly interface that only provides the necessary features and is easy to understand and use.


Screenshot of the Kirby Versions plugin view in the Panel


  • Create and delete content versions directly from the Panel including metadata (author, custom label)
  • Export versions as ZIP files for local backup
  • Switch between the versions on the fly
  • Support for multiple site instances (e.g. production and staging) that share their versions and that can be deployed to from a single Panel instance
  • Support for fine-grained user permissions

You can read more in the plugin’s README.