Version control of content?

So… more than once I’ve managed to over-write content on a live Kirby site. Does anyone have any suggestions for the workings of a plugin (that I, or others could build) to automatically version-control changes in the /content directory?


Do you really mean just version control or an option for the user to roll back, like the Kirby revisions plugin by @jenstornell.

@pedroborges has plans to to something similar git based :slight_smile:

For pure version control of the content folder, check out either the AutoGit plugin or the gcaps plugin


If I understand you correctly, that’s exactly what Kirby Revisions does. @jenstornell just recently updated it, it’s amazing.

EDIT: Too late :sweat_smile:


W O W – Thank you!! That is exactly what I was looking for.

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like suggested above autogit helped me a great deal to restore a project once.

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Are kirby-autogit and kirby-revisions still the best options to implement versioning in Kirby? And how well do they play with Kirby v3? I can imagine kirby-revisions will need some work for v3.

This is a plugin that existed for Kirby 2 and was updated for Kirby 3: Kirby Git Plugin for Kirby 3 (gcapc)

And here is a fork of the one @wottpal created a year ago but which stopped working after the release of Kirby 3, so @flupe supposedly fixed it: (I have never tested this so can’t tell).

As regards Kirby revisions: There is no version for Kirby 3 that I know of.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll have a look at kirby-git, it might the the solution we are looking for.

Did you have any luck with kirby-git? I tried to set it up and nothing seems to be happening. I wonder if I missed a configuration step.

Hi there, it’s been a while since I looked at my fork but it did work at the time. Does the plugin produce a git-log.txt file ? I remember that when setting it up on my own site, I had some trouble with filesystem permissions that didn’t allow the user under which the site was running to execute git commands.

No, I have not yet been able to look at it. It is something I have planned for next week, but I will report back as soon as i know more.

Is there an option for kirby 3?

Thank you!