Using when with checkboxes

I am trying to conditionally display fields in the panel, depending on what checkboxes are checked in another field. This is what I have:

            label: Product options
            type: checkboxes
            required: true
            columns: 2
              physical: Physical
              digital: Digital
            label: Physical price
            type: number
            steps: 0.01
            before: £
              productOptions: physical
            label: Digital price
            type: number
            steps: 0.01
            before: £
              productOptions: digital

But this isn’t working - the price fields are not appearing when the checkboxes are checked. Is a different approach needed for checkboxes? The client needs to be able to choose either physical or digital, or both.

A checkboxes field is not an either/or field, so this won’t work, because it stores a comma-separated list of values.

For two options, where only one should be selected, use a radio field instead.

If the user should be able to select both, then the when option won’t work at the moment.

Understood, thanks for the quick answer.
In this instance a couple of toggles would work just as well, so I will use that approach instead.