Using ImageMagick with Mamp Pro


I am trying to set up a Kirby site to use ImageMagick as the thumbs driver. I need to do this as the client wants to upload animated GIFs, and I would still like to resize them if possible.

I have added 'driver' => 'im', in config, but am now getting an error when I upload a GIF (I have replaced the looooong path for readability, it is simply the path to the gif file):

The imagemagick convert command could not be executed: ‘convert’ -limit thread ‘1’ ‘{path to gif}’ -coalesce -auto-orient -thumbnail ‘1190x800!’ -quality ‘90’ ‘{path to gif}’.

I guess perhaps I need to adjust something in MAMP, or change a setting in Kirby. Thought I would ask here first to see if anyone has hit the same issue.


Try setting the path to the bin: thumbs | Kirby CMS

Type which convert on the command line to get the path to the convert binary.