Using different domains for each language does not work

As described here:

I can not get it to work…

The /content folder is upgraded for kirby3 like 1_ … folder names and the language files and /site/languages are code translated for kirby 3 but if I want to use different URLs by language…it does not work. The debug mode shows also no errors…

Effect is, that I visit and it will redirected me always to the german (default language) site

“URL-Key” is also changed to “Slug” …

Cheers Thorsten

Any idea why?

If I call I also get the Kirby error page in “german”…instead of the english content…the german (default language) url works well… only the english translated sites won’t work.

Is language detection enabled?

No! only ‘languages’ => true

I have multipe config files for every domain so there is a file and a files with configurations…(have used that in kirby2)…

Have included

‘language.detect’ => true,
‘languages’ => true

but won’t work

I do not want a automatically language detection…a user have to switch manually to it’s language if he visit my frontend.

I just wanted to make sure it’s not the auto-language detection that is redirecting to the default language…

No that is not set, have give them a test but does not solve my problem so I have delete it from the config file. :slight_smile:

I tested this with Mamp in a fresh K3 Starterkit with two domains and had the same issue with the non-default domain rerouting to the default domain. Might be a bug after all.

Hi texnixe!

I already done it under MAMP as you :slight_smile: Do you put that bug to a bugtracker list so that it can be fixed in one of the upcoming releases for kirby 3?

I also have another issue…

If I will use a more complex array for locale settings like decribed here…

Then I get an debug error at:

protected function setLocale(string $locale = null): self


Argument 1 passed to Kirby\Cms\Language::setLocale() must be of the type string or null, array given, called in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/kirbyCMS3/kirby/src/Toolkit/Properties.php on line 82

It seams so that arrays are not supported here under kirby3. But why it is documented above? So it can also be a bug, here. So perhaps, can you try it out please? Or otherwise, let me know how I can fix that issue…

Cheers, Thorsten

Looks like it doesn’t work like in K2 anymore and you have to pass each option separately…

Guess I made a mistake when documenting it because I expected it to work as before… :see_no_evil:

Ok…can you change the docu so that I do the right here…

LC_COLLATE => ‘de_DE.utf8’,

How should I declare each of them separtly?


Should be fixed in 3.3.0.

Indeed - V3.3.0 runs perfect now, we have published this version now on our productive server. Seems to work everything very well now. Thanks a lot for fixing the bug. Cheers, Thorsten