Using crop/resize on section preview images

I want to list products in section with thumbnail instead of original image.

Tried following but not working:

Section YML file:

    query: page.thumbnail
    ratio: 1/1
    back: pattern

Page model:

public function thumbnail(int $width = 300, int $height = 300)
    if ($featuredImage = $this->featuredImage()->toFile()) {
        return $featuredImage->crop(300, 300);

When i remove the crop/resize method working properly:

if ($featuredImage = $this->featuredImage()->toFile()) {
    return $featuredImage;

I guess it’s because different objects output: Kirby\Cms\FileVersion and Kirby\Cms\File

But I need to use crops for performance.

Kirby Panel is already cropping images on section preview images :sweat_smile: