Users able to create other users?


i used kirby3 to create a project, but got to the point where i needed certain users to be able to create additional “subusers”, like

-admin (me), can CRUD
    -teacher a, can CRUD
          - student a
          - student b
    -teacher b, can CRUD
          - student c
          - student d

got stuck over this issue.
some time went by, tried to do it in django, but kirby appeals to me more overall. if it wasn’t for this issue.

maybe kirby 4 now can do it out of the box, or maybe any plugin?

any hint appreciated.

tnx and regards,


Kirby doesn’t have such fine-grained permissions. Permissions work based on roles, not on individual users. And while you can use workarounds with hooks, custom models etc., there is no out-of-the-box solution for this.

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